In 2007, with the aim of constructing a garden surrounding our workspace, which until then was entirely barren, Clive Hassall Photography researched and introduced a modern method of sustainable ecology called Permaculture, wherein all living organisms, inclusive of wildlife and humans, benefit from a vibrant system of surrounding, well planned and orchestrated, natural habitat, food and vegetation.

In the same manner that nature harnesses the elements for its survival, growth and energy, so we invited disadvantaged members of the community and local food related enterprise to participate in contributing raw, organic waste material in exchange for wholesome, organic food and in some cases, remuneration. This was to prove the beginning of a cycle of productivity success, knowledge and growth, the philosophy of which we adopt currently in the many aspects of operation of the studio, our teamwork, as well as our esteemed client and supplier relationships: cultivation, wisdom, nurturing, sustainability, service, innovation, succession and more.

Our raw waste contributions are converted into large quantities of organic compost nutrients and returned to renew, protect, feed and mulch the soil on the property, the cornerstone and foundation of good ecology. This soil grows our food, provides natural habitat for microbes, birds, animals and insects, which in turn creates a symbiotic and sustainable balance of human and nature. Specifically researched vegetation and food are now growing harmoniously, stacked horizontally and vertically in 3D. The gardens currently provide some 17 contributing members, their families and our selves with pure organic food and naturally grown medicinal remedies and we’re additionally rewarded with the privilege of working within its immediate, tranquil and abundant environment.

Our building is of heritage status and a designated "place of education". Commensurate with this, Clive Hassall Photography CSR has for the past twelve years provided support for a Zimbabwean girl through her schooling education and continues to do so, so as to fulfill her dream and ambition to study and practice Biological Science. In addition we voluntarily educate students in photography, in gratitude of our own knowledge gained.

As our young ecological system matures, so will we make it a priority to continue to share our knowledge and resources and will continue to learn, serve the disadvantaged, conserve, grow, harvest and utilize natural resources, to educate and to provide, without seeking merit for this effort, nor ever under pressure of obligation.

Tel: +27 (0)11 728 7057 +27 (0)82 953 8027

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