Clive Hassall Photography was born in 1990, after the award of a special scholarship from the Bensusan Museum of Photography, followed by a grueling, five-year apprenticeship at South Africa’s largest, commercial and advertising studio.

From small premises in the South Eastern suburbs of Johannesburg, with the aid of hired facilities and equipment, the support of great friends and allies, as well as a huge dose of tenacity, the enterprise carefully gathered momentum with a small, yet meaningful client base and began to practice independently.

A considered move to a large, rented studio, which was previously a boy-scout hall, zoned as a “Place of Education” proved fruitful. It located the studio strategically within our client base, close to the vibrant, secure village, with its many amenities. Without hesitation, we purchased the property.

From thereon, as we improved our abilities, experienced the market and accrued significant, specialized lighting and camera equipment, we shifted our focus into more specialized markets, while at the same time, retaining our precious clients, targeting work which we were best at and most loved to do.

Our greatest strengths and our continuing creativity are working together with people and teams. We understand the value of permanence; of solid, transparent, successful relationships and supremely honest advice, which lead to our client’s impactful, cost effective success, through the extra effort we devote to our work and our credo.

We place maximum emphasis equally, on our technical and our creative skills, our precision hardware, our knowledge and efficiency, and an attitude of thoroughness in everything we do, be it portraits and people photography, social events, paintings and sculptures, manuscripts, products and brands and in environments of any nature on earth, above, below and beyond.

The Clive Hassall Photography brand, team and studio is a formidable, reputable and respected, expert enterprise within the photographic services marketplace. Our clients are located not only in South Africa, but world wide.

In this exciting world of dynamic change, we're as constantly, increasing our knowledge base within our arena of expertise, delivering finer, more exciting images and advancing our quality and technologies. Yet we remain competitive, passionate and loyal to our clients, our profession and our community, simply because we love what we do.

Tel: +27 (0)11 728 7057 +27 (0)82 953 8027
Email: info@clivehassall.com

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